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More to Smile About in 2014: Report Charts Improvements in NH’s Oral Health Care Landscape | Print |  E-mail

New Hampshire has taken some significant steps to improve oral health through prevention, improved access and additional workforce providers, according to a new report from the New Hampshire Dental Society (NHDS). 

The “More to Smile About 2014,” report recently released as an update to “Something to Smile About” from 2010 documents changes in oral health care in the state during the last four years. NHDS’ main goals included prevention education, removing barriers to access, supporting current public/partnerships and enhancing the oral health workforce.


“We analyzed changes in oral health from 2010 until now, to see if our efforts have been successful,” said Jim Williamson, NHDS Executive Director. “Improvements have been made and new initiatives are underway. The Society is committed to working to find ways to get all New Hampshire residents the oral care they need.”

In 2013, New Hampshire was one of only five states to earn an “A” grade in a Pew Center on the States report regarding the use of sealants in preventive oral health care for children. New Hampshire currently has sealant programs in more than 75 percent of its high-risk schools. Another Pew study showed that as of 2013, only one percent of the state’s population is considered “underserved,” which is a decrease from 4.6 percent in 2011. In an additional study, 75 percent of New Hampshire adults 18 and over reported visiting a dentist in a one-year period.

Prevent Dental Disease by Reaching Children Early | Print |  E-mail

Today there is great emphasis on developing healthy eating habits in America's children. It is important to recognize that the same poor nutritional habits that contribute to overweight and obesity in children can cause cavities and poor oral health.

Tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease, five times more common than asthma! Dental disease keeps kids out of school and adults out of work.  We know we can prevent dental disease by reaching children early. Here are four articles that provide important information and simple steps to take.

Ten Simple Steps To A Health Smile
A Healthy Smile begins even before your child has teeth. To learn more about what you can do from birth and beyond to give your child a HEALTHY SMILE, click here to learn about 10 Simple Steps to Take.

Hidden Calories in Drinks
Sweetened drinks pose a number of problems, not only for our teeth but also for our waistlines. To learn more about soda's HIDDEN CALORIES, click here.

Protect Your Smile: Protect Your Health
There's much more to good oral health than just a pretty smile.  To learn more about DISEASES LINKED TO TOOTH DECAY like diabetes, stroke and heart disease, click here.

More Peas Please!
Good foods make strong kids with strong teeth. To learn more about colorful foods that help kids grow tall with white strong teeth, click here.

Getting Dental Care
Click here for a list of New Hampshire dental centers with sliding fee scales

Public service animation dramatizes tooth loss | Print |  E-mail

The New Hampshire Dental Society has released the following animated public service announcement, One By One, about a child who lost his teeth, one by one, due to drinking sugary beverages and not taking care of them.

The video was developed to raise awareness about the importance of good oral health and how tooth loss is preventable.

Click here for simple steps you can take to prevent tooth loss


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