Classified Ad Posting Policy

To place a classified advertisement, please read the our policies below.

  • All classified ad must be dental related.
  • All material will be reviewed for content
  • Please keep your ad to 150 words or less 
  • Ads remain on the site for 90 days unless you ask for the ad to be removed or renewed for an additional 90 days.
  • This is a service to our members, there is no charge at this point for this service.
  • Classified Ads are updated bi-weekly, you will receive a confirmation when the ad is posted.


The NHDS does not investigate offers being made nor assumes any responsibility for omissions, prior sale, change of conditions, position being filled or practice being sold without notice, and to any special conditions imposed by users. The NHDS reserves the right to edit, copy, and to accept, delete or withdraw ads at its discretion.

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